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In response to the question about not being there for the Sunday session:
If you are not planning on attending any of the Sunday sessions, you would not be there to put your attendance ticket into the drum. Therefore, your name would not be called for anything. In the past, and I am sure it is the same for this year, you cannot put in tickets and claim prizes for those not in attendance.

It's like going to any function where they give door prizes away. When you attend a segment of the weekend they have a drawing for that segment from the ticket you gave when you came to it as a sorta "thank you" for attending that part of the weekend.

Do not worry about losing out on anything on Sunday. In most cases it is light on activities that day because the planning committee knows that some have to leave to catch flights,etc. The majority of the giveaways are done on Saturday throughout the day and evening. You will be fine by having to leave early.
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