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I will try and explain for the first timers why it is so confusing for you.

First -- almost everything that happens all weekend is called a "raffle" raffle for this, raffle for that.

Here's the easiest way to explain what happened over the last couple of conventions, can't say they will do exactly the same here since I am not on the planning committee but knowing Al and his involvment with the past conventions I am sure it will run along the same lines.

1st word "raffle" -- you paid a registration fee -- they will give you tickets which are marked for each session and special that they have going on over the entire weekend. When you attend you simple take the ticket marked for that event and put it in the drum. Costs you no additional money since it is included in the cost of the registration. Then during each session or special they draw names and award some of the prizes. In the past no one could collect for someone not attending that segment. Now if you were in the potty and they could vouch for you being in attendance (empty seat for example, when we ran it we let the person have it -- not there cause they slept in -- no prize -- hope that made sense.)

2nd word "raffle" -- this is the list of the items that you received which said you want to participate in these special events you would bring those particular items. (the stamps, the postcards, enveloeps, etc.) and like KB sais your entry using those items IS your ticket to win back lots of that particular item. ex. you enter for the first class stamps -- you win back a large portion of them. I don't remember what or how many they said they were giving away, but at our mini we broke it up into boxes of 500 for most of the stuff, so using that rational you would enter say the one entry or up to the max and try to win that large amount. They keep pulling names of those who entered until that particular item has all been handed out with the last winner in that category getting a smaller allotment in most cases. They do this drawing at the banquet.

3 word "raffle" -- the vendors are allowed to offer gift baskets and other items which they sell tickets for and chance them off. This helps to recoupl some of the cost for the table rental and some have shipping costs, etc. associated with getting their supplies out there for the weekend. This is option and you do need to pay to enter these. Some vendors do have "free" drawings at their tables which is clearly marked.

I hope that helps. I think I got all of the areas where the word "raffle" will be used over the weekend. I know it seems confusing as heck because everything that is talked about is referred to as some kind of raffle. My first year I went crazy trying to figure out what was what. It's really all easy and comes together quickly when you get there. The only thing you need is food, drink and spending money and spending money depends on what you like to do. Souveniers, buying sweeping supplies from the vendors, snacks, etc.

You can always PM me if you have any questions that you want me to answer directly instead of having them posted. See you soon.
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