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when i lost my sister, it came from the heart, but i made it light so shed on the positive things so instead of mourning her, we where celebrating her the life she had and all the positive things about her

this is what i wrote to give you an idea of what i am talking about

Laurie was the type of person who would want us here to celebrate her life, and all the things she gave to so many people, instead of mourning her death.

While her death took everyone by shock, and it was most unexpected, Laurie being the spiritual person she was, was well prepared. She often spoke of death, and was not afraid of it, she was more afraid of living in pain.

Laurie was a free spirit, who sailed with the wind and danced to her own drummer, there was no holding Laurie back from everything.

There where many times, even before this incident, when Laurie said “If I die tomorrow, I will die happy, because I have done everything in my life, that I wanted to do”, true or not we will never know however, Laurie certainly had a lot of adventures, and did many many things that most people could only imagine, or not even think of.

When Laurie would walk into a room, the whole room would light up like a Christmas Tree fully lit, as she was so vibrant and full of life.

Laurie could strike up a conversation at any time, with anyone about anything and she would always leave a lasting impression.

Laurie loved people, and was a devoted friend to all.

Laurie always gave from her whole heart and tried to help who ever she could.

Laurie was a trusted and caring nurse, a caring daughter, and a wonderful sister, sister in law and aunt.

After many years, Laurie will finally be with her daddy, whom she loved adored and idolized.

The saddest thing about this, is that a person of this caliber, who was so young and vivacious will not be able to shed sunshine on earth any longer, however, her memories will last for ever.

Laurie, you will be in our hearts, and thoughts for ever, and we are just glad that you are no longer suffering.

Love always your family

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