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This is probably the first time you guys have seen me post something negative.

I'm so dissapointed with swagbucks changing their amounts needed for prizes.

I've been going for the goal of 60 points - which has taken my time daily to reach
I've been very faithful in daily searches to gain those points.

Last week as I in the 50 point area I had picked out the prize of a $10.00 Barnes
and Noble GC.

Well, today I made it to that 60 point mark, yeah!

I go to swagbucks to put in the request to find that you now need **115*** points to
get that Barnes and Noble GC. RATS and DRAT!!!

Anyone else find it a real dissapointment that they uped the points need to get

I use the search feature many, many times a day and only end up with one point on a rare occasion 2 pts.
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