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Originally Posted by karenanne View Post
So I am wondering if OLS goes away and I respect and understand you don't use Facebook what is another way to communicate for the Christmas Swap. Would you need emails

By the way I want to be in The Christmas Swap. I will send info when you let me know how
I do run my own forum and we usually do Secret Santa gift swaps there if you want to be part of that with a different group of people. As for the OLS card exchange, I'm not sure how many people are going to see this thread before the weekend. Email addresses would work, but everyone would have to log in and send them to me. I'm open to ideas.

Is there even an "official" OLS group on Facebook? I remember reading some announcements that indicated there were many different member-created ones. Is there ONE that people primarily use now?

Edit (9-12-19):
I never ran any of the gift or ornament swaps here. Those who normally do are free to run them as usual.

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I have a forum! Keep in touch if OLS closes.
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