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Several small stores here say they are closing .. and put some of the blame on the raise in minimum wage by our state..

It's a vicious cycle.. people need more money to buy things.. wages go up.. product prices go up to reflect that...

The ones who get lost in it all are stuck trying to figure out what their small fixed income will now pay for!

It's no different than in our parents' / grandparents' times.. other than back then, they didn't "need" to buy so much expensive stuff... today everyone "needs" two or more cars, two or more tvs, cell phones which cost so much more than landlines, $ to pay for tv signals which use to be free, computers for everyone in the house, trips, eating out, etc... etc...

And all the dirty, hard working jobs that were treasured before, no one wants to do. Fast food was never a place to earn a living.. it used to be a kid earning a little extra.. what do you hear from young kids now? I'm not slinging burgers!

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