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Originally Posted by Jorf View Post
I was going to post an update on my husband. He has spent the last 6 weeks in the hospital. We moved him from Tulsa to the Mayo Clinic. They opened him up because he had a bowel obstruction. When they got into his abdomen they found he has a frozen abdomen. The way they described it is like pouring concrete into your belly. They can't tell what any organs are. There was nothing they could do. His colon cancer has now spread to his liver and he is in the final stages. He is very confused right now and can't find the right words to say. This is so very hard to see. He is a brilliant guy. He is a chemical engineer. We have 2 small kids and he is only 33. I am devastated. Words can't describe what we are going through but I know others have been through this so I am not alone. I love him dearly and hate to see him so bad. Just need a shoulder to cry on. Thanks.
Sending you guys many and keeping him and you and the little ones in my thoughts.

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