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Originally Posted by shoegal27 View Post
a small update I am actually a stage 1 breast cancer survivor tumor was graded a 3 I have to take up to 4 months of chemo to help keep it from going to the other breast. I start it on the 13th and should end by the middle of October,happy 5 year annv. to me and my hubby followed by surgery on the right to make me have symetery
Keeping you in my prayers.

This was the last week of treatments for my Grandpa. He goes tomorrow to the surgeon to check in and see what the word is. He's going to make it through this.

I've been well so I haven't been on much but hope to get back to normal soon to catch up.

eta: Well, found out today from the surgeon visit today he told Grandpa and Dad he thinks it's a tumor on Grandpa's tongue. Dad didn't tell me, he just told me his tongue has been swollen, but Mom told me later.

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