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Originally Posted by Carolg View Post
No, that's their response. In a later post I mentioned that I called the CEO's office. I spoke with one of his assistants. She asked for me to forward her the documentation that I had. She seemed to understand my concern more than whoever replied to my email. I asked her if I could vote for my cats since they were voting for dogs. We were actually laughing at one point.

I also explained to her that CAPTCHA codes only insure that a human being is entering. It does not insure that people are only voting once. I told her that they needed to look at IP addresses. 40 and 50 votes coming from the same IP address is obviously voter fraud. I went on to state that 2 or 3 votes with the same IP address just mean that family members are voting, but that 40 people would not have the same IP address!

I went back and read their rules again. They actually state that unsportsmanship behavior will get you disqualified! Apparently, not.
Well hopefully they will look into it after she gets on it and dq the cheaters! I have but one day left of my contest and I for one CAN not wait....
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