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Originally Posted by LuckyPenny View Post
I have a dumb question.

Why can't they have these conventions in the central part of the States so it would be the same for everybody to get to.

If somebody lived in Cali it would be a long haul to drive to Mass.

Most people fly, although lots of road trips are taken to conventions. There has to be a sweep club willing to come to a convention and put a bid on it - "state their case" so to speak as to why their community should host the convention - if there is a club willing to do the work and can come to a convention, attend a Past/Present/Future Convention Hosts meeting and put together the bid for it - that would be fabulous There is no National Convention Sweepstakes Committee or anything like that - sweepers rely on the clubs to step up and host. Pulling off a convention for 600+ sweepers is no easy task - so you have to have a strong club and/or strong leadership to make it happen. As you can see from the list below there have been conventions all over

1990 - Lansing, MI
1991 - Clemson, SC
1992 - Arlington, TX
1993 - Annapolis, MD
1994 - Indianapolis, IN
1995 - San Diego, CA
1996 - Nashville, TN
1997 - Naperville, IL
1998 - New Orleans, LA
1999 - Arlington, TX
2000 - Bahama Cruise Convention
2001 - Orlando, FL
2002 - Louisville, KY
2003 - Baltimore, MD
2004 - San Diego, CA
2005 - Moline, IL
2006 - Scottsdale, AZ
2007 - Dearborn, MI
2008 - San Antonio, TX
2009 - Manchester, NH
2010 - Bloomington, MN
2011 - Ft Wayne, IN
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