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Originally Posted by tignor
Yes, but Bewitched, you didn't ask Brandi if she ever ate a hot dog with Andy Griffith...

Brandi, you were so sweet and nice and we loved meeting you. Brent is a snappy dresser (wore his OLS T-shirt a lot) so I agree with you there. Too bad we didn't know you were also going to Gumbo Ya Ya or we would have taken you. You and your husband were so great and it's so fab that he won the mp3 player. Hope you enjoy it and hope you have many memories (favorable) of the convention to remember the rest of your lives.
Oh, we really liked riding the city bus (we had never done that) especially on the ones that had air conditioning. Our bus driver was nice, too. Plus, afterwards, we went to the Botanical Gardens - beautiful!! I'll post pictures.

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