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Originally Posted by KnittnStampinMom

I've always wanted to go to one of these, but always been to afraid (wall flower) lolol.

I live in Orange County NY. Thinking it might be fun.....

What do I need to know being a "first timer". lolol (and be nice y'all!! )

I'm thinkin I could talk hubby into it as a birthday present (he never knows what to do - t even though I spell it out for him - lolol - July 21st I'll be 42 and what the heck!!!)

First thing is DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, let dh look at pics of past conventions I've never been to a "mini" but it will most definitely be fun! Hoping CARAN52 will chime in on her thoughts as she is the boss of it There will be general sessions on sweeping topics, prizes to be won, vendors to buy from, fantabulous people to meet and hang out with and a weekend away for you!! I'm kind of a wallflower too so we'll get along just fine
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