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2010 Northeast Mini/Hershey Convention
2010 Northeast Mini - aka Hershey October 15-17, 2010

With the Maryland Banquet selling out in only 11 days, it left a lot of sweepers without a spot to attend.
I've corresponded with Dana Noga and advised her that since she don't have the room to expand that I would, with your support/help once on site, hold our regular Northeast/Hershey mini in 2010.

I have been discussing it with family and those of you like me going through Hershey withdrawal and have gotten overwhelming responses of offering assistance with the implementation if I were to change my mind. I think its time I get back in the seat and get this thing going again!!!! Steve has already agreed to DJ and do the electronics for the event. Whew...huge hurdle already overcome!!

I have been in contact with the hotel where we have been holding it and they had our file right at hand, coincidently having a meeting this afternoon of all of the contacts I've used in the past including the VP, who has contacted me personally.

Sorry for all the confusion, but also glad that I can turn some of the unhappy faces into happy ones.

I set up a 2010 Northeast Mini email address so that it would be easy to remember: Please use this address going forward for Convention correspondence.

Carol McLaughlin

The 2010 will again be sponsored by Carol McLaughlin of This N' That Sweepstakes Stuff Newsletter and ANN-tics by Carol Sweepstakes Supply as in the past for another Customer Appreciation Weekend.

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