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Hello Everyone My name is Amy and i have been sweeping since i was 18 years old.i am now 35 years old. This year has been rough for us. i have made so many friends online from OLS and we are sweepstakes friends on facebook. They have been nothing but kind and sweet to me and i feel like i know them without really knowing them.if you know what i mean . i lost my child on March 24th,2016,my 12 year old has been through major emotional stuff,almost lost her in February,etc and etc. i can't think of one day in 2016 that hasn't been rough for us. my dream is to go to the convention.i would even be happy just to be there for 15 minutes to say hello and to thank everyone for being such a great friends.Heck i would be happy just to get get a seat in the parking lot and listen in lol.i know quite of people that are going this year.i would be blessed and honored to go to this.Las Vegas is also on my bucket list.Recently , i got my husband into doing sweeps.Las Vegas is also on his bucket list, so this would be a win x 2 if i got chosen. Thanks OLS and Brent for all you do.I have made so many new friends over the years because of OLS. it all started all with a DVD win from OLS.i also have met 5 friends from OLS in real life.I was so happy to have the pleasure of meeting them.i will never forget the first day i found this site.i honestly would be lost without it.I even got some relatives and friends doing sweeps,and plan on passing it down to my children to do sweeps as well.Something that i would love to learn more about writing good essays for sweeps that you have to write an eassy in order to win.i usually skip the Essay ones, because i don't know how to word stuff well. kinda like how i'm doing now, but these two things are on my bucket list so i have to do the best i can on it lol.Thanks again for the opportunity P:S i also would like to share pictures of friends from OLS i had the pleaure of meeting.


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