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I don't know what to do next
I'm trying to make a link to my shop look "pretty" and I'm half way done and stuck! I've gotten to the point where I've named my shop and you can click the link.'s an Etsy shop. But I'm lost as to where I put my actual link. I found this earlier in the thread and here's where I'm at:

once the edit signiture is open, it will look just like a a reply box...look for the blue world with a piece of chain link in front of it (just under where you can choose font, font size and color). click it and a box will pop up, asking what you want the text to say..this is where you type in "name you want" ok

So now in the box on the top I've got Western Home Decor and it's a link. I attempted to type in my etsy shop link in the edit signature box but all I get is "Oops, You have an error." I'm at a loss as to what to do next.
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