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Originally Posted by MISFIT13 View Post
Hi SweepyLin
She's right in midtown, next to SCAD, about 5 miles from the Sheraton. I know the area kind of well and I have my gps for back up. My daughter will be in school when I get there (guessing 11am) so I'll have plenty of time if you all want to get lunch or do something. If you want to make a plan, I'm excited and ready to go
I won't be arriving at the hotel until mid afternoon (unsure of exact time I'll be there - hopefully earlier than later!); but I definitely hope to meet you in the OLS room or somewhere thereabouts! Can't wait to be amidst this large group of wonderful people who share my love of sweeping (and, obviously, I don't mean with a broom - how boring is that)! See you Thursday!

May the sweepstakes fairy visit each of you today!

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