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Originally Posted by SweepyLin View Post
I'll be there Thursday afternoon also (close enough to commute). MISFIT13, if you don't mind my asking, where does your daughter live - north, south, east, west of the big A?

Looking forward to meeting you and everyone else!
Hi SweepyLin
She's right in midtown, next to SCAD, about 5 miles from the Sheraton. I know the area kind of well and I have my gps for back up. My daughter will be in school when I get there (guessing 11am) so I'll have plenty of time if you all want to get lunch or do something. If you want to make a plan, I'm excited and ready to go

Check out my DD's art, views and comments welcome.
She did my avi. Thank You
Please update me on any Art, Design and Scholarship sweeps
Thank You
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