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A reminder to members:

Please do not post the name of bloggers/sponsors to call them out about not receiving a win. In most cases the prize is not shipped from the blogger but from an agency. Calling out blogs disrupts the site, upsets bloggers and sponsors and creates negativity. We do not want sponsors/bloggers to be angry with our site as we appreciate the sweeps listings.

If you have not received your prize from a blog site make sure you have: emailed the blogger on all available email accounts (ie: contact us, email they sent you or other emails listed on blog) then try a post on their facebook and/or twitter page. If that doesn't work try contacting the sponsor politely asking for status. If none of these work please PM a Moderator with the information. We cannot get involved, but we will keep a list and if a blog site is a repeated problem we will flag it to Administration. Any threads/posts calling a blogger/sponsor out by name on this site will be deleted.
Thank you.