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The Questionaire
No Rob, I didn't mind you posting it at fact, please, please help me monitor this forum. You have been great in getting right to me as the need arises. I am getting busier now that it is getting closer and even my entering has really gone by the wayside. I blew right past August 31 and it almost killed me. llolol

Raffle entries are flowing in at a steady pace and must be postmarked by Sept. 15, so that will lighten up my load there.

Registrations must be REC'D by September 27th, so then I'll be almost home free.

Plus my ANN-tics business has really been busy which I need to give priority attention to. So in a nutshell you will see how well appreciated your help is. Have someone watching the other forums for me too.

Now for the questionaires. I tried to make them direct and to the point. The information is going to be used for the program, especially on Sunday. We don't want to be talking about things that you don't care about or already know. We also may try to put a little booklet together or at a minium a listing of names that you can have people you meet fill in with information so that you can continue your friendships outside the convention. I'll have to have one of my body guards there to fill in my stuff huh??

It is really going well up to this point and I am going for another meeting with the hotel on Tuesday. Meeting the staff that we will be dealing with. Was able to secure the entire restaurant for us to be together for breakfast (not included in your registration) buffet. Will be open from 6:00 until 8:30 both days and we will get a $2.00 discount with our I.D. Badges. Those I.D.'s will be like gold that weekend. Bring superglue to secure them to your necks. lolo only kidding but they won't be able to be replaced and they do hang around the neck so there should be no problems.

I will be cleaning up a lot of old stuff from the website next week and devoting it primarily to what we need going further so that you are scanning all of the old information.

Wow -- mail in raffles are pouring in and really nice stuff!! Thanks everyone for sending it so organized.
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