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Originally Posted by allycat View Post
I had an issue for a few days where I couldn't finish a survey, but everything is fine for me now and I was able to do a cash payout recently as well. If I do send an email with any issues, I do get a response back within a day or two. So sorry you are having issues. I hope you get it resolved soon.
I had this problem for months. I did several surveys where I did the entire thing and got to the last page and it just said sorry we are having difficulties and I never got credit for them. I emailed and complained and they said they had no record of me doing the survey so they couldn't pay me yet when I went back in to try again, it said I had already done it. I did notice that they started using a new service or something to do their surveys when I was having a lot of problems because I had to change my login (didn't recognize the previously saved roboform username and password).

I hadn't heard from them for a couple of months until yesterday. I was able to complete the new one successfully but I did notice a new comment that listed a limit of what you can make a year.
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