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Mail-in raffle begins tomorrow, 9/2
Just a reminder to those of you who are interested in participating in the mail-in raffle:

You may begin sending your materials tomorrow. Complete rules are located in your information packets that were mailed to participants.

If you have any specific questions regarding the mail-in raffles, please send an e-mail to Carol McLaughlin, Coordinator, at: OR post a question at our forum area (link below)

Please keep in mind that Carol is still returning home from the 2008 National Sweepstakes Convention, so it may take her a few days to address your question. All answers will be published at our special forum area at:

Remember to double and triple check your entries, as we will not accept corrected entries this year.

While there are many specific rules for the mail-in raffle, it is only because we want winners to go home with the high quality supplies that they are used to using for snail-sweepstaking.

Thank you.

-Rob Nease
NorthEast Mini Sweepstakes Convention Co-Coordinator / Webmaster

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