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Originally Posted by Terfool View Post
Well I have been researching the GREAT state of New Hampshire in prep for the convention and a visit. I am definitely hitting the famous RED ARROW
Diner. Many Presidents and candidates stop here for eats. It was also
featured on the food network show Diners, Dives and Drive INs. It is online
and can be found here. I am going for the banana cream pie and as an
entree possibly the pork pie. We shall Terry

Funny you should bring up the Red Arrow Diner. I just saw the diner featured on the Travel Channel Samantha Brown's "Great Weekends". It does seem to have a cozy atmosphere and was also a MUST see on my Convention Check List.

Looking over the pie selection, I'll give their Brownie Cream Pie a shot. Hey maybe we can just have a pie buffet sampling each others selections. LOL For an Entree, I think one of their Blue Plate Specials actually served on a blue plate, perhaps American Chop Suey.

Will definitely walk from the hotel to the diner so I can work off some of these delicious treats. My Weight Watchers Way of eating may just go out the window when we make this trip.

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