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Thumbs down eprize sucks

Thank you for contacting us regarding this promotion. Our records
indicate that your prize was sent to the address listed below on 10/6.
We are not responsible for prizes that are lost during transit. We
apologize for the inconvenience but we do not have additional prizing
to ship out. This is our final decision regarding this matter and
again we apologize for the inconvenience.

Warm Regards,

ePrize Customer Service

I have been emailing eprize since October, 2006, about the Tony Stewart $20 card and the Papa John's $5 card I won. They kept telling me I had to wait and now I receive this response to an email I sent 2 weeks ago!!!

It's funny if they send me coupons, Iget them, but I don't get any real prizes I win from them. It took me exactly a year to get a sweatshirt I won from the Dave Mira Slim Jim sweeps, and at first they said that had already sent that also. What liars.

I don't think I will enter any sweeps that deal with eprize again!!!
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