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I have had underwire set of detectors. I've flown a lot and it's only happened once or twice, so the percentage is low. If it happens they will use the wand on you. Not that big of a deal. I am used to getting the extra security anyway as I fly on a lot of one way tickets (well, I used to anyway). It's a PITA but in the scheme of things is not that big a deal. Things are much better than they were directly after 9-11.

I also get air sick (and all kind of motion sick). If you are prone to it, you might want to take one of those non-drowsy dramamine. I have been so utterly miserable that I wanted to die. It hits me about 50% of the time for no particular reason I can identify but it sure does suck. Once you are already sick it's hard to get rid of, too.

Take snacks - they help to distract and make the time go a little faster. A bottle of water is nice and helps you from dehydrating. Plus, you won't have to wait for the drink cart.

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