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I had no problem with an underwire bra on the last two flights I went on (both in 2006). One was Southwest and the other was American and I went right through security. Also, DH flies a lot more than I do and says he sees a lot of people wearing those cheap flip flops because then you don't have to worry about being asked to remove your shoes when going throu the security area.

Are you checking any luggage, or is it all carry on? You will have no trouble at all with a razor or a nail clipper in checked luggage. I brought a pair of baby nail clippers (I knit on the plane and I use the clippers for cutting my yarn) and they were fine with it, they were also fine with my knitting needles though once they were perplexed by them (when they saw them on the x-ray screen) but once I told the guy what they were I got through no problem.

Yes, there generally are barf bags in the little pocket in the seat in front of you. If you really think you will need one, then make sure you have one nearby before you take off. They are a white bag, coated with a plasticy stuff on the inside. Are you really susceptible to motion sickness? I'm not, but I haven't found flying to be a particularly nauseating experience.
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