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Originally Posted by kmg365 View Post
Wasn't quite sure where to post this-- there's no thread yet (that I could find) for the 2011 convention.

Could someone tell me what an attendee might expect for his/her registration fee? The 2011 conv. is being held practically in my back yard, so if I'm ever going to go, 2011 is the year.

However, $200 is a not inconsiderable sum of money, even if I'm not shelling out for lodging and meals.

If it's just a social thing, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be worth it for me, as I'm not a social butterfly, and I won't be marching up to strangers and introducing myself.

I understand there are drawings for prizes, but there's no guarantee I'm going to win anything.

I'm looking for reasons to attend that don't involve socializing, I guess.

Anyone want to take a stab at talking me into attending?

Thanks in advance for your input.


A big part of the convention is the socializing with fellow sweepers from around the country - and a few from Canada! From the meet and greets on Thursday evenings to the dinner/dinner buffets on Saturdays, to some of the offsite activities that some of the conventions have, to the way some of them have the tables set up, to the vendor rooms - it's set up to meet new friends and old.

Each convention has a series of speakers that may talk about all sorts of angles in the sweepstaking world - post office/prize shippers, judging agencies, online/snail mail sweeps, blogging/tweeting/skill sweeps, sweep websites/news letters, prize winners etc.

Prizes - see previous post about prizes.

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