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This is the time of the year that the hotel starts talking next years contract. With the casino across the street now it's going to be harder to "hold off and see what happens" when deciding go ahead to the next year.

I need to have some idea of how many will be interested in coming to the Northeast Mini Sweepstakes Convention which would be held in either the first or second weekend of October 2009 before I commit to a contract. With New Hampshire going off in July and it being on the east coast I want to be assured I'm not going to get stuck with a large bill. If I commit to the minimum 200 they require and don't sell it I have to pay and with John just passing away that would be totally out of the question.

I solicit your remarks here or if it is a personal response feel free to sent me a message. We will look over the committments and then make our decision.

Since I don't know all screen names if you posted that you were going to come on another website's forum please do not repeat the "in" here as we would be double counting.

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