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I, too, had to many great experiences to mention just one. So for people considering attending one, here are f few thoughts thay might help you make your decision.

1. I you feel like you are too shy to attend the convention, don't worry about it. Other sweepers are very nonjudgemental and they take you under their wing and draw you into their crowd. They always look out for each other. I suggest that you find someone posting about reservations for banquet tables and take them up on sitting at their table. You will make some unforgettible friends as a reslt of this.

2. Don't be afraid to go talk to someone. I saw a guy there that looked just like Kevin James, the comedien. I finally had to ask how many people told him that and he and his wife laughed like crazy and said over twice a day. I kept running into thme throughout the convention.

3. While I was so extrememly and unbelievable happy to meet the OLSers who brought me to the convention and who I knew I would love meeting in person, there were many other OLSers that I didn't know all well that I now count as friends. Sweepers seem to be inheritently friendsly.

4. I waited over 3 years to meet KB missing the conventions at the last minutes for various reasons. It was a pleasure to finally meet her. She is just as I expected but WAY taller. (I'm a shorty). In addition, I had the added pleasure of meeting Brent. I knew he wasn't a smoke breathing dragon as he is so oftern portrayed. He an intelligent, fun loving guy that was really cool to hang out with. (not to mention a very generous sponsor of the convention.

Am I long winded or what?

5. Lastly, when you finally get a face to go with name you have beeen chatting with in person 99.9 percent of the time you are going to recognize the person immediately and will be instant fast friends.

So as to winning big big prizes? It would have been nice. I haven't won much if anything in a long, long while. The convention renewed my enthusiasm and I will dedicate more of time there these days hopefully. I was fortunate to win $100 from another sweepgroup. thanks sor that!

Thanks brent for the contest. I only want a copy becuase "you do it like that!"
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