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Hi y'all

Sorry have been away this last couple of weeks, recovering from my sons surgery/biopsy and the hell that has followed....

Geez, trying to catch up on all the posts..... it's actually pretty nice to have my mind otherwise occupied... y'all are too funny.

Okay, Joannie - I live in Orange County NY - your in Westchester (just over the Tappan Zee) I may be dropping my sons off to stay with their father that weekend, and he is Nyack, my daughter and I could hop skip and jump over your way... and then we could head towards the sweetest and sweepest place on earth!!!

Let me know if you have arrange something, I know we've got time still, but it is a thought.
Sami (my daughter) and I would love the company - and ummm sing all you want.... I know sami will be!!!!

PM me if you are interested....
I am thinking of renting a car for that weekend anyways... (Mine went BOOM!) and thought of taking my husbands truck doesn't thrill me (cause I'm sorry but guys and their trucks are more than I can take... LOLOL)
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