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This is tough since the stats will be skewed. Those few lucky persons who win substantial prizes will show decent returns, while the vast majority of us who have yet to win something worth over $1000 will be lucky to be earning pennies an hour.

Kind of like the lottery: the payback is approximately 50% meaning half of the revenues from tickets get paid back as prizes. However, there are a zillion tickets sold and only the occasional multi million dollar jackpot. The lucky person who wins a jackpot gets an enormous payback, while millions of others get far, far less than the aggregate 50% payback. In other words, if I never win the jackpot I might only see a 5% payback.

My point is that those of you lucky enough to be showing $5-15 per hour "earnings" on sweeping are doing so because you were lucky enough to win a big prize or two. Most of us will never get anywhere near that ... but it's sure fun trying.

What would truly be interesting is to get a decent sample size, say all 10,000 O-S members, and run stats on them. Only then would we start to get a true picture of how profitable sweeping really is. I'm afraid I wouldn't like the answer, but again I sure enjoy trying to win the big one.

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