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Gracious mine would be more like .09 an hour. I spend 3-4 hours sweeping a day on good days and atleast 2 hours on busy days. But I love just cruising through the dailies and entering the ones I like. Of course I've only been doing it for a few months now.

2004 Wins:
4 Hardback Books "The Warriors", 8 PF Wallets, Roy Rogers Calendar, Rodeo Tickets, Scooby Doo Mini Poster, Travel Mug, Hat from Netscape, Lip Gloss, 2 tickets to the Great Southern Motorcycle Show (local), 14 Ring Tones from Slim Jim, 1 Music Download from Slim Jim, Barbie Package, 3 Family Books, 50Cent DVD, Notebook, Aerosmith Tickets

2003 Wins:
Trip to Hollywood to meet Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Luggae, Computer Supplies, Lamp.
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