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Originally Posted by Judekazooty View Post
I am livid A place called Pangea money transfer attempted to take 504.95 out of my account this morning! 9/14/18.thankfully the minute it went in my bank alerted me of the suspicious activity. I am wondering where they got information. I enter a lot of contests daily. I saw one named Pangea Travel and I'm not sure whether I enter it or not. I don't think so. but at any rate BE CAREFUL! I had to put my account on hold and get a new card and number. I have purchased something on the internet and that could be where it happened but you never know. I just wanted to put the name Pangea out there to warn everyone watch your accounts!!
Unless you used a credit card or your bank account to enter a sweep they couldn't have gotten it from there.

Scammers have so many ways now to get you credit card and pin#'s. They can get the information by just being in the same room you are using your card in.

They also put fake covers on gas pumps and atm machines that harvest all the information.

Sorry this happened to you!
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