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Originally Posted by sparkle8 View Post
Wondering when my crappy roommate will FINALLY get out of my hair! You were home all week last week and about drove me crazy and pissed me off numerous times. I'm easy to live with, but when you purposely eat my food when you know it will piss me off? Clog the toilet with paper towels and I had to fish them out? Leaving globs of jelly on the floor? Grrrrrr!!! I'm beginning to think you've lied to me about your "new" job amongst other things! Cannot wait till you move out Sept. 1st! Can't come soon enough!
So sorry about your lousy roommate sparkle8. You of all people do NOT deserve that.

My sister is currently renting out her house and unfortunately her tenants have decided to stop paying her the rent. No reason given. They stopped paying on June 1st and are now squatting in her home. They got themselves a lawyer who told my sister she cannot contact them at all She needs the rent to pay the bills so she's been forced to begin the eviction process which costs $$ that she doesn't have. The electric company is threatening to shut off her electricity on July 17th and she hasn't been able to make a mortgage payment on the house since May 1st. The couple that are in there are criminals but she didn't learn that till just recently. She did check all their references beforehand too but none of that showed up. They are also heroin addicts and have a sweet little 2 year old boy

She lives on the premises in a studio apartment that she added onto the house so she'll lose her electricity too on July 17th. She's currently looking into what her options are on that. They're running up her electricity bill by leaving all the lights on and jacking up the heat even though it's summer. And of course if the electricity is shut off...that's a direct violation of landlord/tenant laws.
Needless to say, she's totally beside herself. If she can get them out she would have no problem renting out the house to someone else immediately and they know that. Very vindictive people.
She'll need to run background checks on any future prospective tenants now.
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