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Originally Posted by bigskwinner View Post
I've only had one win this month so I'm wondering if I should pick up the pace, get up an hr earlier and enter everything every single day
for us, we use everything and if I limited myself to only things I really really want, then I'd prob spend 5 min and be done for the day LOL
but for us, paypal (esp the blogs with $800 worth of pp) amazon, walmart, target gift cards, books, dvds, trips, clothes, beds, appliances, etc, are all thing I enjoy receiving, esp as they are totally free

I'm only waiting on two things to arrive now, ones a walmart giftcard from a blog and the other is a build a bear workshop gc

both will be nice to have
For dailies, especially those that run more than two weeks or a month, I would definitely try to get more than just one entry in.

I suppose it would be easier if OLS allowed members to organize their "my sweeps" to their own personal preferences and/or notes. Otherwise they still have to find a way to remember which ones those are and page through all the saved sweeps to find them.

We are the same way with prizes, it is extremely rare I win something that can not be used. I actually just won a cherry red electric guitar, and was thinking crap... who is going to actually use this??? Was telling my future son-in-law about it and he informed me that one of his bandmates was looking for a new one. We got together and I showed him which one it was and he offered me just over half the FMV for it (AVR is listed kind of high compared to what you can find them retail). Great deal for us, he gets a new guitar for just over half of what he would of had to pay for it and we make a profit after taxes lol.
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