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I enter all of my daily ones every single day, it is rare I miss a day. (I do not twitter and I almost never enter blog ones)

If for some reason I am limited on time, I will start with the ones ending the furthest away (like Jan) and work my way to the current month. Since I bookmark my sweeps by expiring month I also have my weekly ones saved along with my dailies, so I enter those pretty faithfully as well. (if it is a 1x per week on a monday, then when I am doing my dailies, I enter that one, rest of the week I just skip over it).

I do my 1x time only last when I am looking for new sweeps, which I try to do daily....if I miss a day, I almost always check back the next day and enter them.

I win pretty regularly (couple times a month). No HOF yet though.. came close once (AVR over 2,000). No trip wins yet either but I dont enter a lot of them anyways (only enter ones that are either all included (meals, plane tickets etc) or include spending money). I did win two trips my first month of sweeping but was new to sweeping and hadn't paid attention to details (a big sweeping no-no). Both trips were ones you had take within the next 30 days and there was no way we could do it and had to turn both of them down. Dh said I jinxed myself and that is why I have not won a trip win since lol.
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