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Originally Posted by ThinLizzy
SeaAngel, I think yours is a little too tall. The lightbulbs are 47, text beneath the lightbulbs is 20, the candycane is 28 and MyWins is of 115 pixels in height.

A line of size 2 text is 20 pixels in height, size 3 text is 30 pixels, etc.
Thank you so much ThinLizzy, I really appreciate your help. I'm going now to get rid of my candycane!
Originally Posted by me1971
Where is mine and is it okay?
I don't see a signature on your post me1971. A signature is an image or line of text that you may set up to show at the bottom of all your my lights below. Just go to the Options/Help tab at the top of your page, then to User CP (control panel) and over on the left side of the page you will find the "Edit Signature" button. Here's a link to the guidelines ...

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