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Just made my reservations on the phone!!!!! I'm arriving June 21st and leaving June 26th, same as Kb. Got my confirmation instantly in e-mail.

It was funny....when the lady answered, I told her I wanted to make a reservation for next year (that's all I said...didn't say when), and she said, "Is this for the National Sweepstakes Convention?" LOL!!!!

I asked her if she has been getting lots of calls for reservations for the convention and she said yes. They have been getting LOTS of calls the past few days.

After I gave her my credit card info, I asked her how much my card was going to be charged. She said for the entire five nights. I told her that the info I had received was that a deposit of only two nights was required in advance and the rest could be paid upon arrival. She said that if that was the info I had, that is what they would do. So if you want to make sure that your card isn't charged for the entire thing right now, mention that to the person you talk to.

I am sooooo pumped!!!!!!!!!

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