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I received the one you mention, the only difference is mine is from:
Mandy Bennett
105 S. River Rd
North Aurora, IL 60542

and the phone # is diff. also

I got two of these from the same sender.

Please call me at 1-785-784-2492. I previously tried to contact you at , but was unable to reach you. This is in reference to an entry form you filled out, either on-line or at a major mall or movie theater.
I actually have some decent news in regards to the giveaway. I have an address, claim number, and further details for you. Since all prizes are well over $500, I will need a few moments of your time to cover all related lottery-type informatio from procuring your prize to any related taxes.

Sincere congratulations!

Mandy Bennett

P.S. For your convenience, we are available 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM PST Monday to Friday

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