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Here is a post from triple*eee on a reading program that worked great for her 10 year old daughter. I thought it might be helpful some people that are homeschooling.

Thanks triple*eee for letting me post this here and passing on this information.

LindaMood Bell reading program

My 10 yr old daughter has always struggled with her reading and other academics.

She is ADD and I'm sure this is a big part of it. She doesn't have trouble sitting still, she has trouble understanding and focusing on what myself/teacher is saying.

I remember before she was diagnosed in 2nd grade, she would come home and say "It's like my brain is spinning and I can't understand what the teacher is saying"

Medication helped her alot but her reading skills were still below her grade level.

She was in reading classes at school but they were not helping. At the beginning of this school year she was given the yearly reading test. She scored very low. The teacher had her take it again in a quite room and it went up a tiny bit but was still well below her grade level.

Then my neighbor told me about the LindaMood Bell reading program. It is taught at our local community college.

I called and set up a screening. She of course qualified and was put on a waiting list. She started the classes about a month after she had taken her reading test at school (aug 2006) . She goes twice a week.

Last week the students were given the reading test again (standard to give it in January again).

My daughter came running off the bus with a note from the teacher. The teacher was SO excited because Elyce had raised her score 200 points!

I am so thankful for this program, it's unlike any other reading program and has great success.

Has anyone here had any experience with the LindaMood Bell reading program??

Linda Mood Bell Reading Program
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