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There is so much information on the internet about homeschooling. I feel like homeschooling started in our house the day my boys were born! My oldest goes to a Catholic school for 1/2 day kindergarten...but we do homeschool at home too...which he likes better. My youngest is in a pre-k program (he's 3 and ahead of the 4/5 year olds). I am really struggling about what to do with him for next year.

I use a multitude of curriculums...I pull from several different places...I use montessori, waldorf, reggio-emilio and traditional techniques to teach my boys. Science is big for them so I let them choose their theme for January which is all about space! They already know more about the solar system than I do! We will go to the planeterium at the end of the month and may continue in February.

We do several activities outside of "school" so socialization is no problem! Now I just have to decide if I will dig in and do full homeschooling next year. I have also thought of 1/2 day at the Catholic school and 1/2 day at home. I checked and the legality of that is in our state they could go to another school (public or private) for up to 4 hours a day as a part time student and be homeschooled the rest. I just wonder if my son would like that or not - probably not.

Check your state rules - in many states it is not a requirement for kids to be tested. They WANT you to test them because that is how they get some funding for the schools. I WILL NOT ever test my kids unless it is mandated by law. In my state it is not!


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