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Aimee -- FYI - Attendance is permitted at 13 years and older. Your daughter would be able to register if you choose as long as she is 13 years old and you feel she would not be bored to death. You have been there the past 2 years, so you are in a good position to make that call.

On a side note. There is liquor served at the nightly functions. This is not only our policy for the age limititaion, but the hotels and enforced under our contract.

Again, our schedule, because of so many coming in from out of town, is packed as tight as it can be so that we don't have attendees walking idly around the hotel. For this reason please consider this when deciding to bring along non-attending spouses/friends. You literally will not see them most of the weekend. They will not be permitted into any of the convention areas for security and logistic reasons.

Carol McLaughlin
2008 Convention Coordinator
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