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Allow me to explain it Madea style.

Some people are like the leaves on a tree, wind blows they over here, blows again they over there. They are not there to do anything but take from the tree and give a tiny bit of shade now and then. Seasons change they wither and die, they gone. But don't get mad at them, that is all they can be.

Some people are like branches, you gotta be careful of them branches they can fool you. Them seem strong til you step out there on them. Then they snap and leave you high and dry.

Then there are those people who are like the roots of the tree. Those are the kind of people who aren't going anywhere, they don't worry about who knows that they know you or what they are doing for you. But the tree can't survive without those roots.

Get you a few roots and honey let the rest of em go!
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