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OLS abbreviations got you stymied?

Originally Posted by amyshulk
They're really internet, not OLS abbreviations - here are a few links I came across from this thread, titled:

OLS jargon or abbreviations

Internet Acronyms, Abbreviations & Emoticons

A parent's primer to computer slang


call us toll-free at:


for email:

( it used to be )

Computer help - Post links, advice, etc...

I came across this great thread explaining IP addresses from suelee000:

IP adddresses

Why has my windows shrinked?

Originally Posted by gcomstock
That's an annoyance built into Windows, rather than spyware or anything.

I'm not precisely sure of either why it happens or the exact fix, but it's something like this:

Internet Explorer tends to "remember" the window size you used "last." Let's say that your typical experience was whenever you'd open a new window it would open full size. At some point you clicked a link (like a contest entry form) which opened up a small size window (because the page was designed to defeat / overrule your page size preferences, for whatever reason....nothing nefarious, just a webauthor trying to be "artisitic"). Then you closed out all browser windows, and went to cook dinner or whatever.

From that point on *whenever* you'd open a new window it was no longer full sized, and was always that same reduced size window. What happened was that the popup window's sizing somehow imprinted itself on your settings.

The basic workaround (which sometimes takes a few tries for it to "stick" and which works better if you've cleared cache and are doing it on a fresh reboot) is to close down all windows except for the "little one" that you don't want to be little. Then use your cursor to drag the borders in all directions until it fills the screen. Do NOT use the the little Maximize Window icon at the top right hand corner....DRAG the window to the correct size. The close the window, but NOT by clicking the X in the right hand corner. Close it with the pulldown menus: File>Close.

To add a bit more chance it will take, go ahead and reboot. Then when you reboot and access the internet all new windows *should* be the full sized version.

Hope it works, it's a time waster to deal with a bunch of too-small windows.

Originally Posted by Pansy

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