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d7dot March 16th, 2019 8:38pm

Members in Tampa Bay Area
Hi, any members from the Tampa Bay Area?

Qncterra March 17th, 2019 9:46pm

Yep! I'm here.

wottahuzzee March 18th, 2019 8:18am

Currently I am in Key West, but will be moving to South Lakeland next month. :jump:

d7dot March 29th, 2019 3:37am

We love Key West!

paddy4444 March 29th, 2019 6:17am

I live in Tampa Bay

d7dot March 30th, 2019 4:22pm


Originally Posted by paddy4444 (Post 11625311)
I live in Tampa Bay

I live in Tarpon Springs - home of the Sponge Docks and Greek Salad.

I see that you have a birthday coming up.

wottahuzzee April 27th, 2019 3:57pm


Originally Posted by d7dot (Post 11625288)
We love Key West!

Sadly, after 36 years, Key West has lost its charm. :frown7:

allycat July 8th, 2019 7:41am


Originally Posted by paddy4444 (Post 11625311)
I live in Tampa Bay

Hi Paddy! Glad to see you are still here, and wishing you the best. :jump:

TES283 July 14th, 2019 12:50pm

South Lakeland is between Orlando & Tampa. I'm near-by Disney . Welcome to Central Florida.

d7dot August 12th, 2019 2:21pm

Home of the Mouse, and TES283 :)

karolyny August 12th, 2019 7:41pm

Leesburg just north of Clermont and south of the Villages!

DoveBran August 12th, 2019 9:34pm

I am located in the Brandon area

jujyfruit0 August 12th, 2019 9:53pm

South Tampa
How about u?

d7dot August 14th, 2019 3:02am

Tarpon Springs here.

QBookie August 14th, 2019 4:29am

Picturesque :hello: Plant City

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