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Vicky May 14th, 2004 9:08pm

Please read before you post in here!
This is a subforum for posting your own list of wins.

Please do not post your current win announcement in here.

Post that in the main winner's circle forum. Thank you. :)

Please do not post the name of the contest if it is a premium sweepstakes. Thanks.

Instructions for linking in your signature below:

Vicky October 24th, 2004 8:39am

___MyWins is a subforum in the winner's circle. It allows you to start a thread and use that thread to post your own list of wins. You can edit it as you go. You can post the link in your signature instead of writing your whole win history. The url in the browser of your MyWins page is the url you need to post into your signature. Just copy that and target link it into your signature.

___For Target Linking to your MyWins page instead of writing your win history in your signature you can do the following:
Just remove all the *** and add your own info, ie.. the url to your mywins page and call it anything you like.. MyWins, Joeswins, JillsWins, etc..

[***url=]***MyWins or say anything you like here, your nickname, ie[/url***]

___For Target Linking with an Image you can do the following:
Remove the stars around the brackets and include your own MyWins link and image link...


Note: You can just copy the html from above and replace the urls with your own and delete the stars. There are two different types of html above. One is for linking from text. The other from a graphic. :) GL!

Vicky July 24th, 2005 11:54pm

Signature Rules
All registered members have the ability to automatically add a few lines of text and/or a graphic to the bottom of their posts with a signature.

Edit Signature:

All signatures must follow these guidelines:
  • A signature may contain a maximum of 2 images and/or smilies.
  • Images in signatures can be no larger than 100 pixels in height, 420 pixels in width and 12k in size. If your signature contains 2 graphics, their combined file size must be 12k or less.
  • Signatures should take up no more screen space than the equivalent of 5 lines of normal sized text (size=2) with a maximum of 90 characters per line. The screen space that your signature occupies includes all graphics and blank lines. Therefore, the bigger the graphic(s) in your signature, the less space you're going to have available for text. Use of a smaller font size (size=1) will allow you to squeeze in an extra line or two.
  • Font size should not exceed 3. Keep in mind, that the bigger font size will mean that your signature will take up more screen space which is still subject to the original space limitation of 5 lines of normal sized text (size=2).
  • You can provide a link to your web site and/or win page in your signature. However, affiliate and referral links through which you stand to gain monetarily are not allowed, this includes links to web pages that are mostly affiliate or referral links.
  • Referral links or vote for me requests for sweepstakes and contests are generally permissible, but the links must not be deceptive.
  • Signatures must also be in compliance with all other rules of the forums.

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