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How can I see the sweeps I submitted through the Add-a-Sweep form?
Once you submit a sweep through the Add-a-Sweep form, you will be taken to a web page that lists all of the current (not expired) sweepstakes and contests that you have submitted. By default, they are listed in the opposite order in which they were submitted, the last sweep you submitted being listed first.

You can choose which subcategories to display (dailies, premiums, expired, etc.) and sort (highest rated, alphabetical, by expiration date, etc.) your submitted sweeps in any one of a number of ways just like you can everywhere else in the sweeps directory.

Sweeps that are deleted (duplicates, lack of clear rules or a privacy policy are the most common reasons) from the directory will not appear on your submitted sweep list.

Sweeps that you have submitted that are expired can be viewed by changing the SHOW: selection menu from Current Sweeps to Expired Sweeps (found near the upper-right corner of the page).

Only the editors, moderators and administrators can see each OLS member's list of submitted sweeps. Everyone else can only see their own list of submitted sweeps.

Your Submitted Sweeps

The link can also be found in your member profile page, see the Find all sweeps submitted by Unregistered link.

What are the different options available to sort and display sweeps?
Using the selection menus in the upper-right corner will allow you to choose both the sub-category of sweeps that you wish to have displayed and the order in which they are displayed. These menus are located on most pages of the directory.

Using the ENTRY PERIOD, you can choose to only have sweeps displayed that match how often you can enter: Daily, 24-Hour, Unlimited, Weekly, Monthly, Other, Unknown or Single.

Using the SORT selection menu, you can sort the displayed sweeps in 8 different ways:

  • Expiration Date (default for most pages) - sweeps expiring the soonest will be listed first
  • ED {Reversed} - sweeps without expiration dates (ongoing) will be listed first, followed by sweeps that have the longest amount of time before they expire
  • Newest First - the most recent sweeps added to the directory will be listed first
  • Oldest First - the sweeps that have been in the directory the longest will be listed first
  • Highest Rated (default for the Top 100) - sweeps with the highest member-based rating (1 to 5 stars) will be listed first
  • Recent Notes - sweeps with the most recent notes will be listed first
  • Alphabetical - sweeps will be listed in ABC order
  • ABC {Reversed} - sweeps will be listed in reversed ABC order

Premium members also have the DISPLAY selection menu, which can be used to show Premium sweeps only, Freebie (non-premium) sweeps only, or all at once (default). In the Expired Sweepstakes section, all members have access to this menu.

Currently, all registered OLS members can select how many sweeps are listed per page (default is 15) from the Member Options page (link is normally found in the Navigation Menu in the sweepstakes and contest directory). Sometime in the near future only premium members will have this option available.

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