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What does a Premium Membership include?
With exclusive access to 40% more sweeps than non-premium members (1,646 of the most winnable as of July 27, 2005), 24/7 real-time updates, and several additional, easy to use MySweeps™ features that save you lots of time and help keep your sweeping organized, an Premium Membership is quite simply the best investment any serious sweeper can make.

OLS Premium Membership Benefits
  • Exclusive access to our premium sweepstakes and contest listings. Our experienced editors set aside approximately 30% of the most winnable sweepstakes and contests offering many of the better prizes for the exclusive use of our premium members- currently 1,646 out of 5,528 sweeps are premium, 42% more sweeps than the 3,882 that are available to non-premium members (as of July 27, 2005).

  • Real-time updates of our sweepstakes and contest listings. Premium members have immediate access to all newly submitted sweepstakes and contests. Non-premium members normally have to wait a day for sweeps to be checked and approved by an editor. Most of our new sweep listings are added here before they can be found listed anywhere else. Knowing about a sweep a couple of days or even a day earlier can make a difference, especially with sweeps having short entry periods which are quite often some of the most winnable.

  • Advanced MySweeps™ Features. Powerful, easy to use tools that help save you time and keep your sweeping organized.
    • Save an unlimited number of sweeps in MySweeps.
    • Track and record the number of entries and the last date and time of your last entry for every sweep.
    • Shazam! - open all the sweeps on a page at once in a new window or tab with a click of a button, and record all the entries in MySweeps™ with another simple click of a button. This is a huge timesaver, most of our members report they are able to enter the same number of sweeps in 1/3 to 1/2 the time.
    • Expired MySweeps - a permanent, search-able archive of your saved sweeps after they have expired.

  • 123FlashChat. One of the best chat systems available.

  • Access to our Premium members-only forums. Currently Premium Members, Premium Winner's Circle and Premium Winner Lists forums.

  • Enjoy banner and Google ad-free. is a very clean and responsive web site as it is, but premium members get an even faster, more responsive web site without the clutter and additional space the ads occupy.

  • Additional Privileges in the Forums.
    • Larger Private Message storage - 250 messages.
    • 10MB of attachment storage.
    • Upload your own customized avatar.

5 Great Reasons to Become a Premium OLS Member
  • OLS Sweepstakes and Contest Listings. OLS is by far the best source of up-to-date sweepstakes and contest listings. We list far more than any other web site or newsletter, we list them sooner and in more detail. A comprehensive, detailed, up-to-date source of sweepstakes and contests is essential to making the most of your sweeping opportunities.

  • OLS Community. Our site has been around since 1997 and is a community-centric web site largely run by and for the members of our community. Chock-full of experienced, knowledgeable and successful sweepers, OLS is one of the largest, most active communities on the web.

  • OLS Web Site and Features. Our web site is faster, easier to use, more responsive and much less cluttered without all the pop-ups, banner-ads, questionable affiliate links and other annoyances that most similar web sites have in abundance. OLS has a number of tools and features that help make sweeping at OLS easier, less time-consuming, more enjoyable and more rewarding.

  • OLS Winners. Nobody wins like OLS members win! The numbers speak for themselves. In just the first 6 months of 2005, OLS members reported winning nearly 2.5 million dollars in grand prizes alone.
  • In the past year and half, OLS members have reported winning prizes valued at more than $5,000 almost 500 times. About 38,000 other wins have been reported in the general Winners Circle and another 1,500 wins (requires a premium membership) have been reported in the Premium Winners Circle.

  • Value. At only $12.50 for 3 months, $20 for 6 months or $30 for a year, a premium OLS membership is by far a better value when compared to other similar online or newsletter-based sweepstakes and contest listing services. OLS simply offers more sweeps, more tools, more detailed information, more resources and therefore more advantages than any other comparable service, and at less cost.

Where can I purchase a premium membership subscription and/or see the details of my current subscription?
You can purchase a premium membership and find the details of your current subscription on the Paid Subscriptions page of the User CP (User Control Panel).

Subscription details available include your current subscription's start and end date, as well as the details of each individual transaction involving your OLS account (purchases, gifts, prizes, etc.).

For transactions involving payments by check or money order, the transaction date represents the date on the check or money order.

What are premium sweepstakes and contests and how are they determined?
Premium sweepstakes and contests are sweep listings that are available exclusively to our premium members.

Our editors, expert sweepers in their own right, decide which sweepstakes and contests to designate premium based on the following general criteria:
  • Sweeps that are heavily advertised or sponsored by well-known companies should be made freely available to all.
  • Sweeps that are not well-known or hard to find, particularly those with good and/or many prizes, should be made premium.
  • The percentage of sweeps designated premium should be kept between 20 - 30% of the total sweeps in the OLS directory. Note: The percentage tends to be much closer to the high-end of the scale (30%), and sometimes a bit over.
Premium OLS member or not, anyone who submits a sweep to OLS will always have full access to that sweep even if it's made a premium.

I bought a Premium Membership subscription, why hasn't my account been credited yet?
Once your account has been credited, you can see the details of your subscription on the Paid Subscriptions page of the User CP (User Control Panel).

I paid with an eCheck through PayPal.
Your OLS account won't be credited until your check clears through PayPal, which normally takes 3 - 5 business days.

I paid through PayPal with a credit card or funds already in my PayPal account.
These purchases are normally processed instantly.

If you don't use the Paid Subscriptions page to order your subscription through PayPal (e.g. you send money directly to my email address), it will not be credited to your account until you let me know about it. Please use the order form on the Paid Subscriptions page for all PayPal purchases.

I paid by snailmail with a check or money order.
Please allow 2 weeks from the date snailmail payments are mailed for your account to be credited. The most common cause for delay in processing snailmail payments is failure to include a username.

If you have been waiting more than the amount of time mentioned above, please contact Brent via private message (preferred) or email using Please include either 1) a copy of your PayPal receipt or 2) the full name, address and date on the check/money order (include the approximate date it was mailed if it's significantly different from the date on the check).

Will I lose my MySweeps data if my Premium Membership subscription expires?
No, all MySweeps data is preserved in its entirety. However, you won't be able to access any premium sweeps or features without a current subscription. Access to premium sweeps and features is fully restored along with all of your MySweeps data once you renew your premium subscription.

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