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While working with a blog on OLS...

Posted March 19th, 2010 at 3:38am by flared0ne
One thing to learn is how to delete/undelete a blog entry you've created.

Notice down at the bottom left corner of any given entry there is a checkbox. If you "mouse-over" that checkbox you get a description "Select this item for inline moderation". Selecting that checkbox makes a visible change, allowing easy tracking if you are modifying multiple entries all at once.

Down at the bottom of the page are two tools, one labeled "Filter", the other labeled "Moderation".

If you click on the button labeled "Go" to the right of the selected action in that tool selector, that action is taken.

"Delete Blog Entry" marks that blog as deleted (although YOU can still see it, edit it, make changes, etc, I don't know if anyone ELSE can see it). If you don't have a "deleted" blog entry, you'll never see the "Undelete Blog Entry" selection, which does what it says, lets you undo a deletion.

If you look at the OTHER tool down there at the bottom of the page, you'll see that your blog entries can be in one of up to five different states: posted, deleted, moderated, draft, and pending. Seems fairly obvious; I may expand this entry if at some point I find a case of "whaa??" to justify the verbage...

Like, one way (and possibly the only way) to create a "draft" entry is to look just below your edit window where it gives options of "Post Now", "Preview", and "Save Draft", and click "Save Draft"...
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