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Won a Springfield Doll!

Posted January 24th, 2016 at 5:47am by tomboyshowers
I won a cute 18Ē vinyl doll. If you Google Springfield Dolls, youíll see them. Iím just not sure if Iím getting a set or only one doll. The picture showed 4 dolls, but it said there were to be 5 winners, and listed 5 doll names. Iím guessing, since the prize has an ARV of $22, that itís just one doll.

Looks like weíre going to have to grab another suitcase before we go to FL/MX. If it were a 5-day trip instead of a 10-day trip, these two would be fine. It was fine for the week we spent in Maui two years ago, but when two people need to pack twice as many clothes and leave room for the stuff they buy along the way, additional space is needed.

Friday morning canít come fast enough! This next week is going to go by sooo slowly. On the bright side, Iím eating anything I want for the next 15 days, but will still keep in shape for the trip. Iíll do a mix of the Bowflex and treadmill tonight. When I come back Iíll still be too old and too thyroid cursed to lose weight, but Iíll definitely have no problem staying the same weight with sensible eating and working out.
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