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Notes from toaDz Lilypad 103 -- NEVER Heard of Codex Alimentarius? That's what they're hoping.

Posted May 9th, 2011 at 10:20am by Scary Snarky toaD
Updated May 9th, 2011 at 4:44pm by Scary Snarky toaD
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Somewhere in the last few months I heard a few smatterings about a "Codex Alimentarius" (Latin for "food code") and something to the effect that it would virtually ELIMINATE the access to "natural" vitamins and herbs as well as organic foods. (And that's only the beginning).

But I think the mile-long name kept me from looking into it further. Had it been called "FOOD REGULATIONS FOR THE WORLD" I would have paid it more attention.

For others who have little or no understanding about this complex subject, I recommend the following links.

The first is to Health Freedom USA, (which contains a plethora of other videos accessible from first page), the second a talk by Dr. Rima Laibow, and the third the link to the codex itself. Dr. Rima's talk is probably the best overview for a person new to the entire subject.





As an added note, I want to mention that I believe there are almost TOO MANY FACTS confirming America is being systematically DUMBED DOWN, economically robbed and otherwise brought to our knees so that we will gladly accept being a part of the North American Union, which effectively does away with the U.S. Borders, our Constitutional government, and the America as we have known it in its entirety.

Such a goal, so vast, complex and overreaching boggles the mind as to even remotely having any possibility, yet everywhere the evidence of SYSTEMIC disintegration of "WE THE PEOPLE" is being revealed.

I know these beliefs make me the butt of jokes and derision, but I care more about the ONE OR TWO people I MIGHT help by my threads or posts, than about any theoretic "hurt" feelings from those who scoff. The jeerers can find their own "truths" and I will stick by mine, respectfully.

There are MANY fronts by which I believe the wool has been being pulled down over our eyes -- easily done when most people are just trying to economically survive. But as there are many fronts, I expect to be blogging about different parts of these fronts at different times.

SOME one might find them as useful as I have. Those that don't, well and good, whatever blows your hair back, I wish you every peace and haven in our coming future.

And yet in serious truth, there's nothing I'd RATHER be than be WRONG about this. I would CELEBRATE that error. But until that day is certain, will have to wait to break out the champagne.

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When we stop allowing it... stop electing it, stop ignoring it..then we can change. Grassroots keeps the simplest and purest of ways alive..
There are too many who do not want to get involved, or even know... just go with the flow.. but there is a truth on a deep level which too many of us ignore or find ways to unaccept. There are too many who also thrive on these erronious and harmful systems in an incredible disfunctional way. It's not an easy thing.
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